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Natural Childbirth Series


A Focus on Natural Birthing in Awareness

This class explores the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of birth, beginning with the journey through pregnancy. Based on principles from the Leclaire Hypnobirthing Method and Birthing From Within, you will learn how the mind and body are connected and work together to help you birth in comfort and awareness. Become empowered to trust your body to birth naturally. Increase confidence, release fears, and learn techniques to use relaxation and self-hypnosis to have the birth you have been dreaming about.

The book "Creative Childbirth" and a pregnancy hypnosis CD are included in the cost of this class.

This class is a series of four 2-hour classes. It is best to take this class during the second or early third trimester of pregnancy so you are able to practice the techniques before your birth.

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Location: Partnership or Justice Conference Room
Type: Class
Preregistration: Required
Phone: 1-866-904-9962
Language: English