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Breastfeeding Preparation


As research has confirmed the benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and babies, more women are choosing to breastfeed. Two of the keys for successful breastfeeding are education and support. To help you get the best start, this class includes both an introduction to the basics of breastfeeding and resources for ongoing support. Your partner is encouraged to attend, as well as others who will support you after your baby is born.

 Topics include:

v     Preparation and suggested supplies

v     Care for the mother including nutrition

v     Nursing your baby (How soon? How often? How long?)

v     Easy ways to avoid common breastfeeding problems

v     How to tell if your baby is “getting enough”

v     How partners and others can help

v     Learning about the behavior of a nursing newborn.

This class is best taken during the second half of pregnancy.

Location: Justice or Legacy Conference Room
Type: Class
Preregistration: Required
Phone: 1-866-904-9962
Language: English

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